OCD Over Compulsive Disorder – Behind Closed Doors

OCD Over Compulsive Disorder – Behind Closed Doors

Obsessions are the psychological element of OCD. Repeated thoughts and images linger in our minds where our over compulsive disorder takes control of our actions where we are silenced and forced to obey orders hence hostage to our own thoughts. Thus affecting and interfering with the way we would like to live our lives.

OCD over compulsive disorder can be beaten but what makes it difficult for the sufferer is being up against a regimented invisible force in which we find ourselves in a situation where we find it hard to resist their demands. That is why consulting a doctor is important. There are cases where a referral to a psychologist maybe imminent. Psychologists help ease your think pattern by providing professional understanding as to what is going on inside your head. So if you can not make head nor tail of why you do what you do then at least let someone who wants to help, do so.

People suffering with OCD do not enjoy the experiences brought on by these intrusive thoughts but are compelled to listen instead of eliminating There are so many different obsessions and compulsions carried out by over compulsive disorder victims. We have the hand washing ritual, we have the numbers game, we have the checker, what we dont have is the common sense to seek advice before the OCD takes claim of body and soul.

By not consulting a doctor we add to our problem. Why? We dont know, just like the way we dont know why we do what we do. OCD takes you hostage and holds you ransom to your own thoughts and until you let go then forever a prisoner you will be.

A wish come true for an obsessive compulsive disorder patient is to suffer an attack of amnesia. To live in a world of forgetfulness for a day has to be better than winning the lottery. To forget ever suffering from depression along with the other person who you know longer recognize as yourself is a sense of contentment that no amount of money can buy.

If all OCD symptoms were locked away in the closet does it mean we no longer yearn to carry out our repetitive actions, does it mean our compulsions and obsessions are now in the past, does it mean that it is over and we find peace of mind. I dont think so. Just because the OCD symptoms are behind closed doors does not mean out of sight out of mind.

If your health is giving you reason for concern then please act now and talk with a doctor so that you never yearn to live in the world of forgetfulness.